Electrochemical energy storage and conversion have a critical role to play in our rapidly electrifying society. Batteries are enabling the expansion of the electric vehicle industry, and new battery technologies also hold promise for electric aircraft and renewable energy storage. Likewise, fuel cells and electrocatalysis are important for non-fossil fuel production and use. 

Georgia Tech faculty, students, and researchers are leading the way in advancing the science and technology of electrochemical energy storage and conversion. This website highlights electrochemical energy research at Georgia Tech, with links to more information about individual research groups.

Georgia Tech researchers work with a wide array of entities in advancing electrochemical energy science and technology, including companies, government agencies, and private foundations. Projects can be pursued under a variety of mechanisms. For more information on engaging with Georgia Tech researchers, please contact individual faculty on the People page, or reach out to the Institute for Materials (IMat) or the Strategic Energy Institute (SEI) to be connected (contact information below).

Prof. Matthew McDowell, Initiative Lead for Energy Storage and Conversion, IMat and SEI
Prof. Eric Vogel, Executive Director, Institute for Materials
Prof. Tim Lieuwen, Executive Director, Strategic Energy Institute